Dr. Pawa’s Top 5 MIND Hacks for a Healthy 2024

Apr 1, 2024by Jadan Claire

1. Take charge and own your health! Be aware of the choices you make. 

Do you react or respond to stress? How are you showing up? You do have a choice! When you react, it is usually automatic and fear based, you turn on hormones of stress which eventually make you physically sick.

However, you always have the ability (and choice) to consciously respond to a negative thought or bad situation. This important realization instantly puts you back in control of your body’s wellbeing and empowers you to do the things that make you feel better. Remember to take a deep breath, pause, and make a deliberate, measured response to a stressful situation.  You cannot control what is external to you but you certainly have control on how you show up internally. Own the conscious choices you make versus the automatic reactions, because creating health is an “Inside Job”. You are the CEO of your body. Participate in your wellness you have a “built in “innate ability to heal when you learn to respond instead of react.

2. Listen to your body with kindness and compassion. Be good to your body and your body will be good to you.

You only have one body. If you look after your body, your body will look after you. If you want to live longer, respect your body and pay attention to your health.  We often put other’s needs ahead of our own, just know that it is not selfish to make health your priority. Look after your body as you look after your child or your parent. If you mess up with poor choices on one day, then start over the next day and give yourself encouragement. It’s not about perfection or “all or none” just sail in the right direction and focus on all the things you are doing right. Have a kind mind!

Just remember; wherever your attention goes, energy flows. Pay more attention to creating amazing, uplifting and positive words in your inner dialogue that are kind  to yourself. Your body takes cues from the words in your mind and has immense potential to heal itself. Sometimes its about managing what you focus on and not just your time.

3. Learn to connect the dots between your thoughts and your symptoms.

Becoming aware of your unique mind-body connections is the catalyst for change. For example, if your gut  feels terrible right  after eating crappy food make that vital connection between food  choices and gut health. If you lose sleep whenever exams come around, recognize how your mental state affects your ability to sleep. In my book, ‘The Mind-Body Cure’, I teach you  to make those connections to help you create better health.

5. Use BMW meditation to reset the Mind and Body

Breath work is simple, effective and affordable, learn to do deep breathing techniques in oder to reset the nervous system into rest and repair.  Start with deep, slow breaths combine it with mindfulness (calm the mind) and then repeat a word (om, amen , peace).

Breath, Mind Word: Inhale through your nose, hold 5 seconds (calm the mind and relax your muscles), exhale through your mouth (make it longer than the inhale, as you exhale say the word you have chosen, silently). Repeat for 5-10 min your body will calmer, more revitalized and grounded. Your mind will make better choices when it is in calm state. Stressed minds make poor choices for exercise, food and sleep