Dr. Bal Pawa, M.D.

My personal legacy is to bring preventative health strategies to mainstream medicine, to educate/ empower /inspire as many people as possible so they recognize the role of stress hormones on their health, and provide them self-governing tools to take charge of their personal health outcomes. It combines my purpose and passion. I commit to continuing to stay on top of cutting-edge integrative medicine that focuses on mind-body health.

Professional Experience

Westcoast Women’s Clinic for Hormone Health (Co-Founder)  

Clinical Instructor, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Seminar Leader, CME for physicians & Corporate Health

Founder of Metrotown Medical Clinic

Pharmacist, Retail and Hospital

About Dr. Pawa


Dr.Pawais uniquely qualified as a pharmacist and a medical doctor. Dr.Pawareceived additional certification in Mind/Body Medicine from Harvard University. She is also board certified in hormone health and women’s health through the North American Menopause  Society. Her Functional Medicine training covered:  Autoimmune, Cardiovascular, and GUT, Brain/Neuroplasticity. Her knowledge, clinical experience, and extensive research in integrative medicine have positioned her as a sought-after speaker and author of the Mind-Body Cure.Her idea worth spreading was recognized TED Talks, her Tedx has received over 320K views from around the world. Watch


Dr. Bal Pawa is committed to credible, holistic, and evidence-based information. She leads engaging/interactive seminars and is a passionate speaker to countless communities, corporations, and women’s groups and she gives much of her time to mentor future leaders in health and wellness. She has been recognized for her dedication to education in the community at large and was nominated for the Women of Distinction Award by the YWCA.


With 30 plus years in clinical practice, she is a thought leader with an important message,  “Take charge of your health by managing your stress hormones “, which she shares passionately by empowering people with knowledge, and a self-help toolkit. Recently, she has been educating the public about groundbreaking research on neuroplasticity and brain health. More importantly, she has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her work by teaching them self-help tools to better look after themselves after her own experience as a patient compelled her to look for better health models.


Dr. Shimi Kang

MD, FRCPC, Best-Selling Author

I personally have been touched by Bal’s knowledge, courage, and innovation. As a psychiatrist at BC Women’s Hospital Reproductive Mental Health Program, for over 10 years I saw first hand the positive effects of her work at the individual and systemic level. Seeing her role model the ability to follow sound science but still “think out of the box” helped me do the same with my patients and career. As last year’s winner in Health and Wellness, I know how what an honor it is to receive the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award. I have had the privilege to work with many of the incredible women in this province and I believe Bal stands out with regards to the qualities identified for this award. Her contributions are not only as a recognized leader in the field of integrative and hormonal health, but also reflect her significant efforts to bring education and awareness to women – at all stages of life – on the life – changing benefits of holistic, integrative healthcare.

Bob Mehr

CEO Pure Integrative Pharmacy

Dr. Pawa is an exceptionally gifted physician with exemplary character. Her gentle disposition and extraordinary generosity of spirit underscore her genuine concern for patients. In my capacity as Pharmacist, I have witnessed the improvement in her patients’ health. Dr. Pawa’s knowledge of women’s health and her special interest in gut and brain health is phenomenal and she is one of the pioneers in this field in the greater Vancouver area. I’m so thankful to know that Dr. Pawa is indefatigable in her efforts to stay on the cutting edge. I recommend Dr. Pawa whole heartedly to anyone who wants to achieve long-term health, and this is putting it mildly!

Arran Stephens

Co-Founder, Co-CEO Nature Path Foods

Bal has proven herself to be a positive leader and role model in the Vancouver community with her important pioneering women’s medical clinic and her extraordinary medical expertise in the areas of holistic and Integrative Medicine. She is passionate about empowering women to make informed decisions about their health. Her commitment to provide credible medical information goes well beyond the normal parameters of most doctors – outside of the office she has reached thousands of people through her hours of volunteer service and free educational seminars. Her ability to keep a balanced perspective is inspirational to other health care providers.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

MD Best-Selling Author

It was great to meet like-minded physicians who bring leading-edge, holistic medicine to Canadian women. I applaud you for taking the initiative to educate and empower women during their challenging stage of life and hormonal journey. I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Kerri Carlson

Every WOMAN Founder

It is an honour to have Dr. Bal Pawa continue to present at every WOMAN-Whistler as an exceptionally experienced and well-honed workshop leader and speaker. In her workshops and keynote address, Dr. Pawa put pertinent women’s health information into context with relevant facts, professional expertise and made-understandable medical concepts. Dr. Pawa is an inspiring leader and makes an incredible and essential impact on women’s lives.

Nancy McKinstry

Past Chair, Board of Directors of ICBC

Dr. Bal Pawa has been a true pioneer in the successful integration of complementary therapies in to a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of midlife health issues. Her clinic has also established the West coast Midlife health Foundation with a mandate to support the women who could not otherwise access these specialized services. Her skills as a physician, a dynamic speaker, advisor, volunteer and mentor, have and continue to, inspire others to make a difference.