Calm, Cool & Connected Speakers!

Oct 12, 2021by Jadan Claire

Most speakers confess to some physical symptoms before they go on stage, mainly: Mental anxiety (head), Increased heart rate, sweating (heart), and bowel symptoms (gut) due to the fight-flight reaction, this happens when you perceive fear! Many even resort to medication for …anxiety, BP, palpitations or drugs for gut symptoms. Speakers often fear making a mistake, being judged, going blank, not being good enough and some say they fear they will be seen as imposters!

The Pro Speakers have learned to master their MIND over their BODY and so can you! An effective speaker delivers an experience to the audience, they show up "fully engaged”. They are calm, creative, and passionate about their heartfelt message because they have harnessed the power of 3 brains!

Anatomy 101: We assume there is just one brain in our body, in our head. In fact, there are trillions of nerve cells in the gut and recent discoveries show a nervous system in the heart. The “motor” that runs our body automatically called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Fear turns on the “gas “ie revs up the motor (fight flight) automatically. However, you must train your body to turn on the “brakes”, by using the VAGUS nerve, its your Rest and Digest. But unlike the other Vegas…. What happens in this Vagus …doesn’t stay there! This large neural highway wanders all over-connecting the head brain to the gut brain and heart brain.

Discover how alignment of the three brains is absolutely essential to your success and more importantly how it channels your passion into inspired action for your audience.

HEAD Brain — the “thinking” brain, the control center.

• Handles perception, interpretation, memory.

• Recognition, Creativity, narratives and language.

• Head based language: “I think” or “I understand”.

HEART Brain — Where do you feel deep emotion?

• The heart processes values, emoting and valuing self and others, Heart based language on the expression of deep emotions and values, Compassion, empathy that touch the heart of others.

• “Heartfelt message”, “Matters of the heart “or “My heart is not into it”.

GUT Brain— Our core identity of “self” preservation.

• Safety, protection. Our gut is extremely important for the immune system , fear, anxiety, Courage, and action.

• Gut based language: “It takes guts”, “I have a gut feeling “

Here are some tools to align the three brains for heartfelt presentations fueled by Creativity (head), Compassion(heart) and Courage (gut).

  • i. Step 1 — Re-set the ANS to engage your vagus nerve (rest and digest)

BMW Meditation Benefits: more focus, resilient, creative, speak rationally from the heart, relate better with audience., speak with intention. It’s this BMW meditation … NOT medication that transforms speaker careers!

Breath — Inhale deeply, hold 5 seconds, Exhale, relax all your muscles, (HR and BP Decreases, Gut slows down)

Mind — Master the incessant chatter, go quiet, be “present” The mind is an incredible, powerful force which is inextricably linked to the ANS, locus of control is here!

Word — Om, Amen, Peace pick one! Stay focused on repeating that word as you exhale, Breath, Mind and Word together! The magic happens when the vagus nerve is working in full action…tri-brain integration! ii.

  • Step 2 — Reframe your fears, shift from fear of being judged to intention to help the audience, focus on a 1:1 conversation not the crowd, accept that mistakes can/will happen keep going anyway! iii.
  • Step 3 — Visualize Success-let your mind imagine calm, cool and connected! Infinite possibilities are open to you.

Stress is par for the course as speakers! Use you mind to master your ANS and harness the powerful Vagus nerve which integrates the 3 brains! .. Now, you have all been given a BMW…with a lifetime warrantee and scientifically proven benefits. Enjoy the ride to speaker success!

About Dr. Bal Pawa: Integrative Physician, Author, Speaker, TedX 2019. Pharmacist, medical doctor, and health advocate makes her a sought after speaker at local and national events. Certified in Mind-Body medicine from Harvard, Functional and Hormone from IFM. Expert on stress and the body, Co-founder of Westcoast Women’s Clinic. Email: to receive a Self Assesment.