Vaginal Dryness

//Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is also known as atrophic vaginitis in medical terminology.It usually occurs after menopause when there is a dramatic decline in estrogen, so as a result you get a decreased blood flow to that area. Some of the symptoms that women experience are vaginal dryness, obviously, itching, burning.Sometimes women complain of pain with intercourse or frequent urination. Some women can often have bleeding as well, so it’s really important to get this treated and diagnosed.

And the only way to diagnose it is to see your physician, have a physical exam to rule out any other causes. When women have vaginal dryness, they’re more prone to getting infections such as urinary tract infections or vaginal infections.The treatment generally is dependent on the severity of symptoms. If it’s mild they can use moisturizers such as Replens.

The gold standard of therapy of course is estrogen therapy, which is quite safe because it’s not systemic and there are very many options available to women: creams, tablets or rings.So when a women has symptoms of vaginal dryness or atrophic vaginitis it’s really important to go see the physician, have a physical exam to rule out any other abnormalities, and then he or she will outline options that are available to you.

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